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Equipment for the production of adhesive tapes

High-quality cutting and rewinding of roll materials requires the use of special equipment: bobbing-cutting machines. It is in demand in many industries, like printing, construction, food. Reel-cutting machines are distinguished by the number and location of the shafts and the type of material being processed. Longitudinal cutting of the material and removal of the edge is carried out with high precision by means of circular knives (for solid polymeric materials) and disc knives (for thin polymers).

In our catalog we present bobbin-cutting machines for paper, a machine for cutting laminates films, foil and other different types of polymer roll products. The maximum working speed of the equipment is 400 m / min. Detailed descriptions and specifications of bobbing machines are presented on our site. The prices of bobbin-cutting machines vary very much depending on their scope of application, working widths, maximum allowable diameters of source and output roles, on additional devices etc.

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